We Use

You can rest assure that any product that we use is 100% safe and natural. Perfect for the health conscious and especially needed if you are pregnant (or planning to be), breastfeeding or are unwell.

We primarily use Organic Spa skin care for our facials. Organic spa couples science with nature to provide a skin care range that is based around active botanicals and gorgeous organic and natural cold pressed oils and aloe vera. Organic Spa products are anti-aging, soothing and cleansing.

For our massages, we use only natural massage oils and essential oils.

We use the certified organic Eco-Tan for our organic spray tans. Eco-tan has a natural brown hue (and is never yellow) and is made from organic chocolate.

Our hard and soft wax are both made with natural olive oil, without any added chemicals, scents or preservatives. To prep for wax we use natural baby powder and for after wax care we use natural aloe vera gel or johoba oil to reduce redness and sooth the skin.

We even clean our equipment with a natural antibacterial citrus solution, so you be sure that your health is in good hands.