Lead in your lipstick?

We all know about lead – it was famously removed from petrol and house paint, as well as pipes and other building materials due to it’s toxic effect on the nervous system. Lead can cause endocrine problems, memory loss and can contribute to cancer development. Knowing this, you wouldn’t want to eat it, would you?

Well you might be doing just that if you’re using lipstick. Many of the major cosmetic brands still use lead as a pigment and preservative in their lipsticks. And where does it end up? On your teeth, in your stomach and into your blood stream. 

Knowing what we know about lead, we want to avoid it at all costs, so why is it allowed in our cosmetics? Beauty products are very poorly regulated, and many toxins which are banned in food use slip through the cracks and end up on our skin and in our bodies. There are lobbying groups like the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics which are fighting the major companies for their removal, but ultimately it is up to you as a consumer to  choose product which are safe for you.

There are many natural and organic lipsticks available that are lead free, and these days you can get some stunning colours and quality. Really, you want your lipstick to have edible ingredients, because like it or not that’s where 90% of it will end up.