Ingredient Watch: Fragrance

What is fragrance?

‘Fragrance’ is an ingredient that you’ll see commonly on the ingredient list of skin care, cosmetics and of course perfume, where it can be the only ingredient. But what is fragrance? Although it may sound ambiguous, the term fragrance actually can encompass up to 200 individual chemicals. Because of the current legislation, when a fragrance that is made up of many individual chemicals is put into a product it only needs to be listed as ‘fragrance’.

Here are some of the ingredients that fragrance is commonly made up of:

Phthalates, a toxic chemical that can increase your risk of breast cancer, endometriosis, hormonal problems and infertility. They have also been linked with preterm birth and weight gain. Phthalates are so toxic that certain types are banned in Europe.

The synthetic musks, Galaxolide and Tonalide can stimulate your oestrogen receptors and have been shown to also affect androgen and progesterone receptors. Tonalide has also been reported to increase the proliferation of some breast cancer cells. 

Octoxynols and nonoxynols, which disrupt your hormones.

These ingredients, when applied to the skin will absorb into your blood stream and have the potential to cause significant health problems over time.

At Brisbane Natural Beauty we are passionate about spreading the word about these nasty chemicals so that you can make an informed choice to use or avoid them. We recommend using only 100% organic or natural products that are free from chemical fragrances.

Perfume should not be used, but if you can’t resist then another option is to spray it on your clothes instead of your skin, that way exposure levels will be reduced.