Coconut oil for skin health

Coconut oil has 101 uses. It is well known for its health benefits when used in cooking or taken internally on its own. Let us introduce you to a few more ways that you can use this beautiful oil for beauty purposes and its benefits.

Protects skin from microbial infections: Coconut oil is known for its saturated fats and fatty acids. These fatty acids have strong disinfectant and anti fungal properties. Once applied to the skin the fatty acids work to protect it from microbial infections making it perfect for skin that might be prone to infections or inflamed skin that needs to be calmed and soothed.

Body Exfoliant: Mix a couple of tablespoons of coconut oil with a grainy substance, like salt or sugar to create a luxurious body scrub. The salt/sugar will buff away dead skin cells, while the coconut oil moisturises and cleanses the skin.

Make-up remover: Coconut oil breaks down dirt and oils and acts as a cleaning agent on the skin, which is why it is a great make-up remover. It is perfect for removing stubborn waterproof mascara without the worry of chemicals irritating your eyes!

Face and Body Moisturiser: As mentioned earlier coconut oil contains saturated fats and fatty acids. When applied to the skin these saturated fats retain the moisture content of the skin, or in other words it locks moisture in. This helps to keep our skin soft and supple and is perfect for those really dry and cracked areas such as elbows and feet. Coconut oil also has antioxidant properties making it a great face moisturiser for ageing skin.

Thinking about trying it on your cracked heels? Apply it at night just as you get into bed. This will prevent any slipping hazards and any excess that may still be there in the morning can be washed off with a tiny bit of soap and warm water.

Hair treatment: Coconut oil is just as good for your hair as it is for your skin. It acts as a conditioner and contains essential proteins that can also help the re-growth process of damaged hair. You can massage coconut oil into the scalp on a regular basis to help keep the scalp hydrated and free of dandruff.

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